Production with a Purpose™

Fostering Diversity


  • We know that our industry is aware of the disparity between male and female, white and minority filmmakers, crew and talent. We at Kane Studio believe that we have both the opportunity and obligation to support meaningful, generational change.
  • Half of the world’s population is female, but only 12.6% of film directors in the US from 2011-2017 were women and only 3.6% of 2018’s 100 top-grossing films were helmed by female directors. Similarly, only 12.6% of film directors from 2011-2017 were minority or non-white.
  • Films with at least one woman director employed substantially more women in other key behind-the-scenes roles than films with exclusively male directors. On films with at least one woman director, women comprised 53% of writers, 39% of editors, 19% of cinematographers, and 18% of composers. On films with male directors, women accounted for 12% of writers, 19% of editors, 4% of cinematographers, and 6% of composers (top 250 films).
  • While we are encouraged by recent reports that these trends are slowly reversing, we are determined to accelerate the process through meaningful, aggressive financial incentives for female and minority-led projects at Kane Studio.

Sustaining our Future

Regionally recognized as a vestige of bucolic countryside and a tapestry of agriculture, Kane Studio located at Chattahoochee Hills comprises acres of farmland and natural habitat.

Embracing the sustainable abundance available at the site, thedevelopment will focus on:

  • Integrated agricultural plan that preserves key aspects of the natural habitat areas such as riparian areas, mature woodlands and sensitive grasslands while integrating agriculture into the various areas of the site including existing agricultural lands and proposed developed areas
  • Create farms as venues for filming (iconic farm barns and support buildings and aesthetic fields) and experiential learning for students primarily from underserved communities
  • Provide workforce development
  • Feed the community with local healthy food – truly farm to table
  • Uphold high sustainability practices


  • The two-year technical college program will provide for the training of the skilled studio jobs. By working with technical college programs located within a 60-mile radius, certified specialty craft courses will fulfill the workforce need.

  • Additionally, productions who hire graduates of Georgia Film Academy’s union-approved vocational program are given access to free or deeply discounted sound stages and production equipment on Kane Studio’s Quickstart soundstages.
  • Student and talent recruitment will begin early with programs geared towards the middle school level. In an effort to eliminate the gender gap that has blighted the entertainment industry for generations, Kane Studio will provide a first-of-its-kind middle school “Girls Camp.” The camp’s mission is to fuse studio projection techniques with STEM academic disciplines to ignite the excitement and power of show business in the minds of young women.
  • At the high school level, Kane will support the Arts/AV Technology and Film pathway offered at the Dougherty County College and Career Academy. Known as the 4C Academy, the program serves four school districts helping Kane ensure its regional reach to young people in the southwest Georgia area. This program will be articulated into the college curricula serving the studio.
  • In partnership with the state of Georgia and certified by the Georgia Film Academy, our “School of Cinematic Arts” will offer courses and hands-on training to students on both academic and technical tracks. The “School of Cinematic Arts” will not only create a steady stream of highly skilled, local crew but will also make a positive, generational impact on the people within surrounding communities.