Why Albany, Georgia?


Come enjoy the flavors of the South at any of the Albany area's unique, locally owned restaurants. Once you've had your fill of shrimp and grits, there are plenty of other styles and settings you can enjoy.


Need to unwind or just have some fun? Albany's the place. Whether it is you are looking for a sophisticated wine, an old fashioned drink or a night on the town, Albany has several bars and clubs on tap.


Go whitewater rafting. See a rhino up close. Pet a goat. Take in a museum or head down to the beach for a day. Albany is centrally located where you can do all this and more!


The wonder of caffeine without the pretense of hipsters—that's what you'll find at coffee shops in the Albany area. Get your morning fix to run at full steam or just simmer down with a hot tea and soak up the atmosphere.


At the end of the day, what you need is warm bed, a soft pillow and a few of the comforts of home. These hotels (totaling 1963 rooms) are minutes away from Kane Studio, and Albany doesn’t have traffic problems.