Why Albany, Georgia?


    When Kane becomes fully operational, direct Los Angeles (LAX) to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport (ABY) flights will be available. Delta currently flies four-to-five 20-minutes flights between Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) & Albany (ABY) seven days a week.
    Cast and crew can fly to Kane and avoid the costly delays caused by the logistics and traffic. These savings will grow exponentially over the course of production.


Metro-Atlanta crews are competing for qualified crew from a limited universe of people. Several programs in the area allow Kane Studio to pull from our own pool of skilled crew. Additionally, the Georgia Film Academy will be opening a satellite location in 2021 to Kane.

Kane Studio sits outside the Atlanta production zone. Additionally, Kane is in negotiations with IATSE for its own contract allowing the hiring of "local crew" from both Georgia and Alabama.

  1. CSU Georgia Film Academy
  2. ATC Georgia Film Academy future site
  3. The 4C Academy
  4. FSU Film School


Kane is building accommodations for both above-the-line and below-the-line housing. This includes high-end estates on 5–10 acre lots, brownstones and apartments. Kane will also be offering resort-like facilities and the complex will be managed by a well-known luxury hotel group. Savings: Housing.

Abundance of Land
Hollywood generates an enormous amount of waste because it ultimately has to tear down every set it builds. Because Kane has so much free space, productions are invited to external sets after use. Kane will also be implementing its own saw mill so we can create lumber from downed trees in the area and a tree planting program where we will be planting three new trees for every one that is cut down for any reason. Savings: No tear down and waste disposal costs.

New Your City "Location"
New Your City is the number one filming location in the world. It is also one of the most expensive. Kane is devoting over 200 acres to building a complete New York backlot with 4–5-sotry facades with the remaining CGI to build out the city readily available. There will be a couple of stretches of New York streets that are over a mile long and on which one can travel from Tribeca to Harlem in minutes. This set will be duplicated digitally for our virtual stages so that productions can have the broadest of possibilities when shooting. Savings: Filming in "New York City" in a completely controlled environment. This will save hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.