New York Backlot


The New York Backlot spans over 100 acres of shootable exterior set as part of Kane Studio, including an expansive Central Park. 142 building facades, exterior plazas, subway entrances and interior sets represent New York City in a faithful and artful way, without the headache and cost of filming in NYC.


Existing New York-style backlots top out at an average of 40' in height. Due to our scale, the Kane Studio Backlot will incorporate a 60' façade height to allow for photography down the length of the longest streets without the façade dropping below the height of the actors.


Every building will be accompanied with an exacting digital set extension, which can be tracked in real time to allow for visually restriction-free photography. These extensions can be provided to the productions shooting on the Backlot and will sell the impression of actually being in New York City.


Every element of the Kane Studios New York Backlot will include accurate and exacting architectural details representing a number of New York City's most memorable locations. Beginning with the central core of Manhattan and six iconic neighborhoods, overtime we will expand to include Brooklyn and Central Park.